oscar advanced series

No matter if powerboat or sailing vessel, we offer the ideal
solution to keep you safe when cruising through the ocean.

oscar racing series

As a professional racer your goal is to sail fast in all conditions.
Oscar will make sure you stay safe even at high speeds.

oscar custom series

Whatever your requirements are, we build custom solutions for our clients.
OSCAR will assist during navigation but also when at anchor.


OSCAR’s artificial intelligence is based on a self-learning process, deep learning, which relies on a network of artificial neurons inspired by the human brain. In this way, the more the OSCAR database is enriched by information stemming from users’ on-the-water experience, the better the system will perform.


OSCAR is the first navigational aid system based on computer vision. It enhances vigilance and improves safety both day and night. Installed on all types of vessels, the OSCAR system detects floating objects whether or not they are identifiable in a bid to reduce the risk of maritime collision.


OSCAR’s eyes
are fixed to the top of the mast or a signal mast and constantly scan the surroundings ahead of the boat using two thermal cameras and a day camera.

Weight : 750g | Dimensions : 144 x 114 x 96mm


OSCAR’s brain
provides a real-time analysis of the video footage via algorithms developed for artificial vision and alerts in case of a collision risk.

Weight : 1,5kg | Dimensions : 219 x 187 x 81mm


OSCAR navigation APP
can be easily installed on tablets or on-board
computers and displays floating objects along the
route according to the navigation modes selected.

special requirements?

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